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Welcome to The Highlight Machine’s unique Recruiting Video Builder. Here, we guide you through the process of turning your sports highlights into a standout college recruiting video. Let’s get started on your journey to secure a college sports scholarship.

Step 1: Tell Us About You

Help us understand you as an athlete and an individual. Share your strengths, what sets you apart, your aspirations, and any colleges you’re particularly interested in. This information guides us in creating a video that truly represents you.

Step 2: Upload Your Highlights

Begin by uploading your raw sports footage. We accept clips from various sporting events where you’ve demonstrated your skills and potential. The more you provide, the better we can represent your athletic prowess.

Step 3: Let The Highlight Machine Work

Once we have your footage and information, our skilled team starts crafting your college recruiting video. Using professional video editing techniques, we create a compelling narrative that showcases your talent and potential.

Step 4: Review Your Video

We provide a draft of your video for review. Your feedback is invaluable in ensuring the final video meets your expectations and fulfills your needs. We’ll make any necessary revisions based on your suggestions.

Start Your College Sports Journey Today

Transform your sports highlights into a powerful tool for college recruitment. Begin creating your personalized recruiting video with our Recruiting Video Builder. Stand out to scouts and secure your future with The Highlight Machine.