How it Works

Athletes and their families have the option to submit their own video clips for editing into a polished recruiting video. This service is designed to be flexible and convenient, allowing athletes to utilize existing footage from games, practices, or personal recordings. If the athlete has appeared in any of our live broadcasts, they also have the option of using clips from our archive.

Here’s How it Works:

1. Submission of Clips

Clients can upload their video clips directly to LI Sports Network’s platform. This can include footage from various sources such as game highlights, practice sessions, drills, and other relevant activities that showcase the athlete’s skills. The submission process is typically straightforward, often involving an online form where clients can provide details about the clips and their specific requirements

2. Review and Selection

Once the clips are submitted, the LI Sports Network team reviews the footage to ensure it meets quality standards and aligns with the athlete’s goals. They may provide feedback or request additional footage if necessary. This step ensures that the final product will be cohesive and high-quality.

3. Editing Process

Professional editors then begin the editing process, integrating the submitted clips into a seamless recruiting video. This involves selecting the best moments from the footage to highlight the athlete’s strengths and skills. The editing process includes:

  • Trimming and Arranging Clips: Organizing the clips in a logical sequence that showcases the athlete’s talents.
  • Adding Graphics and Effects: Incorporating custom graphics and other effects to enhance the viewing experience.
  • Overlaying Text and Music: Adding text overlays to provide context (e.g., player stats, achievements) and background music to make the video more engaging.

4. Review and Feedback

After the initial edit is complete, the video is sent to the athlete and their family for review. They can provide feedback and request changes to ensure the video accurately represents the athlete’s abilities and meets their expectations. This collaborative approach helps create a final product that everyone is satisfied with.

5. Final Production and Distribution

The final video is produced based on the feedback received. The video is then rendered in high-definition and optimized for sharing across various platforms, such as YouTube, social media or any sports recruiting sites you may be a part of

. LI Sports Network can also assist with the distribution process, ensuring the video reaches college coaches and scouts effectively.

6. Additional Support

LI Sports Network offers ongoing support for athletes, including the creation of updated videos as new footage becomes available. They also provide resources and guidance on how to promote the video and communicate with college recruiters effectively.

This process ensures that athletes receive a professional, high-quality recruiting video that enhances their visibility and appeal to college recruiters. For more information, visit the LI Sports Network Recruiting Center.